why hire?

Baby equipment can be costly, bulky, and its purpose short lived. 

Having a small family ourselves, we understand the costs involved in having little ones.  While it is exciting buying new items for baby and filling up the nursery, it is also expensive.  We also know how much babies grow and develop, particularly in the first six months, and with that their needs change.  Before you know it, they have outgrown their capsule, bassinet, etc, and you are left with a stack of bulky equipment taking up room in storage.

Or perhaps you are ready to extend your family and find yourself needing a piece of equipment that you didn’t need before – a double pram for junior and baby, or a second cot as your toddler isn’t yet ready to move into a new bed.  Hire is a great solution for those transitional pieces that you may only require for a short term basis.

Travelling with children or having family with children come to visit can be tricky too.  ‘What if I only need a car seat for one week?’  ‘Should I buy a portacot if my toddler will grow out of it by our next holiday?’

That’s where we come in!  We take care of the expensive outlay, the hassle and the storage - all you have to do is choose what you need and for how long – leave the rest to us.

Are the products clean?

As parents ourselves, that’s exactly the question we would ask.  And as parents, our answer to you is 100% YES.  We understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitisation when it comes to your little bundles of joy.

This is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and at Bebababy Hire we have strict procedures and guidelines with our sanitisation policy, and ensure every single item is hired to you in a premium condition that we would expect ourselves.

Are the products safe?

We have sourced products from some of Australia’s leading suppliers to offer you reliable and reputable babygoods. 

All of our products meet Australian Standards.

Upon return, all of our items are inspected and must pass our stringent quality check list before we hire them out again.

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team with two small children who know what is involved in starting a family.  We have experienced first-hand the overwhelming cost of baby gear, only to have it sitting gathering dust after six months - the stress of trying to organise a holiday and baby equipment at the same time - the dilemma of a baby and toddler needing the same nursery item.  We have been there, done that.  We thought there must be a better way, and so, that’s how Bebababy Hire came to be.

Having kids isn’t easy, we know.  We want to provide a service that can help you out, even just a little, be it financially, stress-wise, storage wise or all three.

Bebababy Hire – it just makes sense.