Choosing a reliable Professional Restraint fitter to install a baby capsule or child’s car seat is among the initial choices parents must make. By ensuring the proper fitting of your car seat or capsule, you significantly decrease the likelihood of serious injury in case of an accident. Incorrect installation, on the other hand, increases the risk of even minor accidents causing more severe harm than they would have otherwise.

Baby Seat Installation Cost

Single Seat – $45 plus any needed parts
Two or more Seats – $45 per seat plus any needed parts


  • Locking Clip $5
  • 100 mm extension – $30
  • 300 mm extension – $30
  • Variable extension – $35

Baby Seat Installation Service Area

Our baby seat installation service area covers the bayside and South East Suburbs of Melbourne Specifically :

  • Port Phillip Council
  • Monash Council
  • Glen Eira Council
  • Stonnington Council
  • Parts of Casey Council
  • City of Frankston Council
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Professional Restraint Fitter

As Accredited (with ACRI)  baby seat installation experts we know and understand the laws and standards  regarding baby car seats since 2012.

We are experienced in baby capsules and carriers, convertible baby car seats, Convertible booster seats, Booster seats and extended harnessing seats.

We are familiar will all seats that are on the market and know how and when they will fit into a car. We are experienced fitting 3 baby car seats in many different types of cars. 

Make a car seat consultation to see if 3 car seat will fit across your car seat.

Furthermore, we take you through the whole operation of the child restraint; so that you will understand how to operate the child restraint, booster or baby capsule.

Isofix or Seat Belt Installation

When it comes to isofix or seat belt installation, There is no safety difference between the two. Isofix was created so that parents will make less mistakes when installing their baby car seat.

Most cars have isofix, however holden and ford only have only had ISOFIX since 2016. 

Any Car made before 2000 will not have isofix and it is not possible to retro-fit isofix onto the car.

understanding isofix


We fit your child restraint according to the best practices, and always educate you. on how your child restraint works. We go one step further and explain all the typical issues you may encounter when using your child restraint / baby capsule and explain any issues that may be discussed on social media at the time. The appointment is not rushed and comes complete with an Installation certificate for residents in Frankston