Baby Car Seat Cleaning

Car Seat cleaning service by professionals that understand how to assemble, repair and install car seats. Because we are qualified child restraint fitters we know how to disassemble and assemble car seats so they return to fit for purpose and ready for installation.

NO harsh chemicals used and all eco-friendly and we always follow manufacturers instructions for the care and cleaning of your car seats

We only service car restraints that are less than 10 years old and meet Australian standards, products will be inspected before the service begins.

Our Service Offers
  • An extensive vacuum to remove dust, dirt, sand and those hard to get to crumbs and lollies
  • A thorough clean using anti-bacterial solutions removing solids and dried liquids to sanitise and freshen (note: excessively dirty car restraints may incur an additional cost).
  • Should the car seat have mould we
  • Fabric coverings washed and dried
  • Safe reassembly – we use a safety checklist to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and will report any identified issues back to you
  • We always use the manufacturers’ directions when cleaning products
  • 5 days turnaround* weather permitting
  • All items dropped off must be collected within a maximum of 3 days after you have received notification that they are complete. Late pickup fees are charged at $15 per day per baby car seat
  • 2 day express service available.
  • We reserve the right to refuse items we consider too mouldy or hazardous to handle safely. Please contact the manufacturer for a replacement straps/ fabrics and covers
  • Please refer to terms and conditions


Loan Baby Car Seat

When you need a baby car seat during the time your baby car seat is being cleaned, we have a limited number of baby car seats available at just $30

Professional Baby Seat Installation

When you are not confident with fitting your freshly cleaned baby car seat, Our team of accredited baby car seat fitters can fit your baby car seat for only $30 per seat

Baby Seat installation Cost

When combined with Baby car seat cleaning the baby seat installation cost is only $30 per seat plus any parts needed to ensure a secure installation. The installation comes with a safety certificate of compliance.

Experienced Advice

When you are thinking of upgrading your baby car-seat for a new arrival, our experienced staff know the baby car seats on the market as well as the pros and cons of each baby car seats. We can help you make the choice for a safe and suitable car seat.

Baby Car Seat Opening Hours

Drop Off of baby car seats for cleaning is available Saturday 9am to 1pm

During spring and summer Drop off is available Monday to Friday between 6 pm and 7pm. no exceptions made.

Your baby car seat will be photographed and any missing items noted as well as the condition of the car seat.

    What is the best way to clean fabric baby car seats?

    We follow the manufacturers instructions on cleaning your baby car seat

    How much does it cost to clean baby car seats?

    The cost baby car seats is $70 for a baby car seat/Capsule and $60 for a booster seats. Note a extended harnessing seats is classified as a baby car seat and not a booster seat